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Situated literally minutes from the main street stradun

and just a stone throw from the popular Green market, featuring the most recognizable terrace in the Old Town, this delightful place is set in one of those secluded corners of the town’s enchanting little streets, providing the guests with just an ideal level of privacy whilst still keeping the feeling of belonging to the old urban centre. Together with exquisite service, its elegance and inspiring ambience encourages return visits since it has been reopened in 2006.

The variety of their menu is fully supported by a wine list out of wich a must have is definitely White fish baked in sea salt, famous Mediterranean speciality served with cabbage and potatoes.


Restaurant Dubrovnik is placed on the terrace surrounded by typical Dubrovnik stone houses which dates from the time of the famous Republic of Dubrovnik.The city is as old as 7th century. Republic of Dubrovnik (Republic of Ragusa) existed from 1358 to 1808 and it was ruled by nobility, several aristocratic families who lived in the Old Town together with the regular citizens. The moto of the rule was „Obliti privatorum publica curate“ (Forget private affairs, take care of public ones). Each noble family used to have a coat of arms which represented the family. One of those families is Bunić (lat. Bona), one of the oldest European noble families and the oldest one in Dubrovnik.

Right in front of our restaurant you can see their house and the beautiful coat of arms on the facade. Terrace of the restaurant Dubrovnik was used as the playgroud of the Bunic family. The nobility in Dubrovnik used to serve in legislature, as judges and diplomats. Also, they used to elect the Rector (head of state) every month! Why? In order to prevent corruption! Republic of Dubrovnik abolished slavery in 1416, it had clean water in 1436 and it was the first state to recognize the independence of the United States of America. Some historians state that Dubrovnik was the first state to do so. It had a high level in diplomacy, in culture and it had a great maritime trade.

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interesting facts

Dubrovnik has great history, and there is lot of interesting facts about Dubrovnik history such as:

when in 15th century Dubrovnik had a lack of stone for famous Fort Minčeta construction, the city made a regulation that, everyone coming to town, has to bring a stone if they wanted to enter the city.

Also, Europe's longest operating pharmacy, and one of the oldest in the world, is located inside Dubrovnik's Franciscan Monastery, founded in 1317.

Dubrovnik was a town with the first quarantine in the World.

Dubrovnik had one of the first sewer systems in the World.

In 1979, UNESCO added the city of Dubrovnik in the list of World Heritage Centers.

restaurant dubrovnik
restaurant dubrovnik

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