restaurant dubrovnik


We believe that the meaning of human existence is to nurture and commit to perfecting relationships with people. This is the guiding principle of every member of our team. From this comes our desire to provide you with an excellent and unforgettable not only gastronomic but personal, human experience of enjoying beautiful moments. Our staff is deeply committed to creating such experiences.

“Fresh ingredients, capably prepared: simply a good meal.”

Michelin Plate

Behind each of our plates is Executive Chef Dalibor Vidovic: his dishes are an hommage to the Dalmatian tradition. However, his creativity, passion, and playful talent are essential in his mission of discovering new flavors and cooking techniques. His motto is "A simple yet unique dining experience." For everything else, there is our restaurant manager, Josip Nedic. His specialty is to create the magic of a relaxed atmosphere that he unselfishly shares with all team members - this makes the spell more powerful.


Lokrum d.o.o. je krajnji primatelj financijskog instrumenta u okviru programa Covid - 19 zajam za obrtna sredstva.